Welcome to the Engineering Development Forum 2018

The Engineering Development Forum is a unique resource for enhancing the success of development professionals, communicators, administrators and private sector representatives charged with advancing university engineering programs. This is achieved primarily through hosting an annual development-focused conference.

 EDF 2018

Hosted by the
College of Engineering
University of Washington, Seattle

June 18-20, 2018

Conference registration is available!
Only 10 spaces left!

Information sessions and exciting plenaries are already being planned which will enhance your understanding of the latest trends impacting engineering education development.

With the University of Washington located so closely to Boeing, Amazon, Microsoft and other major engineering-focused corporations, bring your dean and bookend the sessions with donor visits.  Alternatively, invite your family and see all the sites that Seattle has to offer.

Do you have questions about the conference?

For registration questions, please contact Debra Bryant at confuw@uw.edu.

For general conference related questions, please contact Syd Fredrickson at sydf at uw.edu.

For other EDF 2018-related questions, please contact Anne Fitzmaurice Adams at afa9 at uw.edu.

EDF ListServ
The EDF ListServ provides information about the annual conference, dialogues with other engineering development officers about common challenges and opportunities, and position listings from around the country.  Join the EDF ListServe!
June Losurdo at JML235 at cornell.edu.