3 thoughts on “EWeek 2019

  1. One way UC San Diego is celebrating National Engineers Week is by highlighting engineer students who are doing remarkable work in their undergraduate and graduate programs. The students share stories of success, lessons learned, and their enjoyment for problem solving and bridging gaps.

    Thank you to our students Jackie Villalobos, Jervaughn Hunter, and Adrian Salguero for sharing their stories!


    #UCSDEngineering #UCEngineer

  2. In addition to the great events for students/ by students to connect them with corporate partners, we are excited to be hosting our first OU Young Engineering Alumni “Signature Event” during this years E-Week! We have invited all our young alumni and friends to join students at the Fluid Dynamics Lab to help prove you only get cooler after you graduate! These opportunities to piggy-back off us iconic and already successful events makes engaging young alumni easy and stress-free on the development team. Plus, our corporate sponsor loves the idea of having young alumni at the event as they are great recruitment prospects as well!

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