EDF Leadership

The Engineering Development Forum is a 501(c)6 professional association, which is led by a volunteer Board and Executive Committee. If you are interested in serving, or would like to recommend someone to serve, please see the EDF Executive Committee Interest Form.

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President Shams Khan West Virginia University
Sr VP Kimberly Willis Johns Hopkins University
Asst VP Michael Miller Florida Atlantic University
Secretary Philip O’Connor Virginia Commonwealth University
Treasurer Derek Dictson New Mexico State University
Chris Higgins University of Texas
Todd Hollister University of Wisconsin-Madison
Gena Henry Carnegie Mellon University
Steve Hawthorne University of Colorado-Boulder
Terry Milson McMaster University
Natalia Hardin University of Tennessee-Knoxville
Michael Walsh NC State University
Stephanie Buettner University of Oklahoma
Hilary Diekow Cornell University
Adrienne Bolli University of California San Diego
Margo Burdick Arizona State University
Stephanie Lampe Texas A&M University
Malinda Whitson Duke University
Mike Kushmerek Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Randall Ledkins University of Florida
Lauren Dello Russo University of Michigan
Tom Becker South Dakota State University
Marzette Mondin University of Washington

Contact us by emailing engdevforum@gmail.com