2019 Session Preview

Campaign Track:
Fundraising and Strategic Stewardship for Facility Projects
Campaign Close: What We Wish We Would Have Known
Building a Campaign Where Everybody Wins
When the Quiet Phase Really Isn’t Quiet

Internal Track:
Impactful Impact Reports
Planned Giving
Shared Credit
How to Make the Most of a Donor Meeting

Career Track:
The Fork in the Road: Which Way To Go?
When to Make a Move
Age is Just a Number: Managing Inter-generational Teams
Moves Management: Tales from the Road

External Track:
Growth of a Donor: From Discovery to Pipeline
Young Alumni: The Pipeline to the Future
International Fundraising: Finding and Cultivating from the Start

Engineering Track:
Entrepreneurs & Philanthropy: What Fundraisers Need to Know About How Startups are Born, Funded, Grow, and Generate Wealth
The Corporate Foot Print: Some Assembly Required
The Blue Sky Initiative: A New Model for Investing in Research Excellence