2022 Conference Sessions

Check out some of our great sessions we have locked in for you this year!

More sessions are coming. Trust us, you DO NOT want to miss this conference.

Leading a Change: The Role of Advancement in the Energy Transition
West Virginia University and University of Oklahoma

Make no mistake, our world is in a state of energy in transition. For some, our institutions and engineering programs have made their mark as leaders in energy and our alumni have made their wealth. But, what do we do when energy and our institutional priorities change? Join West Virginia University and the University of Oklahoma as they bring to light their potion on energy and how they have pivoted education and carefully navigated alumni. We all find ourselves in moments of change, these 2 institutions will provide the road maps they used to educate and empower their alumni and donors.

Moving the Needle on DEI, A New Approach to Creating Lasting Change
University of Washington

This is different from the diversity programs or scholarships we have raised money for in the past. While important, most of these programs only serve as bandages on a big wound. For example, well-intentioned programs may have effectively recruited diverse students, but that does not mean those students came to a welcoming and equitable campus. Starting with a climate survey and data gathering to establish a baseline understanding of DEI strengths and opportunities, Associate Dean of DEI at UW College of Engineering, Dr. Karen Thomas-Brown will talk about the strategic planning work she led tackling larger systems, policy, and infrastructure issues to create lasting change. Then ensuring these initiatives are directly mapped to people, culture, capacity, and the common good resulting in new fundraising opportunities. The presentation will expound on several examples of partnerships regarding how companies and individual donors have partnered with UW on DEI initiatives. You will come away with a deeper understanding of the historical systems in higher education that need to change to foster true diversity, inclusion, and access and how you can support it as a fundraising professional.

How Development Shapes the Institution
Cornell University

How Development Officers Navigate the College to identify opportunities for donors; support that can ultimately provide budget relief for known priorities. E.g. at Cornell: Naming MEng Director Position; Engineering Communications; Flipping the classroom; Diversity Programs; Project Teams early on; off the beaten path with donors but inside the ledger lines. We see a strong audience participation component as we can all share our niche funding programs

An Introduction to Gift Planning
Texas A&M University

Overview of the basics of gift planning, what donors are making planned gifts, what types of planned gifts are they doing, and how is it impacting Texas A&M.

Engagement Ideas for Business: Corporations/Foundations
South Dakota State University

Several universities were surveyed to gather highlights on new and standby programs for engaging with business and corporation. Presentation will include highlights of the state-of-the-industry programs geared toward engagement with partners from business/corporations/foundations. Compilation of best ideas on how to capitalize on the strong interest in connecting with students for the talent pipeline development. Contact information will be provided for each program highlighted in this session for additional follow-up.

Cultivation in the Emerging post-Covid Environment
UC Riverside and Worcester Polytechnic Institute

How will best practices for cultivating our individual donors and corporate partners change in a post-Covid world? What role will hybrid engagement opportunities play? This session will explore these two questions as well as discuss holistic approaches to individual and corporate cultivation and activating individual and corporate partnerships. Using Poll Everywhere to engage the room and share the background and university environments of the participants, the interactive session discussion will be customized based on attendee responses.

Strategic and Comprehensive Stewardship

Sarah Schneider, the Executive Director, Campaigns and Stewardship, at Caltech. She is interested in making a presentation about stewardship best practices. She also offered to host a Table Talk around campaign planning and management if that group has a need for another volunteer.

Fostering a Culture of Collaboration to Maximize Donor Engagement and Dollars
University of Michigan

Adrianne Miller and Terra Neukam – University of Michigan – their session is more about collaborative work and engaging donors to benefit a campaign, not so much the campaign itself. I still think it sounds great. They agreed to adding in the nuts and bolts for everyone to have takeaways and to share ideas on how to scale they way they work for any-size team.

To Court or Not to Court: No longer a Question

With strong research teams and predictive modeling technologies, capacity and inclination indicators help prioritize who we get in front of. But what do potential prospects need to think through and articulate? What do we need to actually hear from prospects in order to accurately discern whether we should qualify/cultivate them or spend time on more productive relationships (i.e., disqualify). So often we court people we hope will become donors but, several years later, still have not made a significant investment. Based on donor insight and human decision-making research, learn how to effectively qualify your portfolio and ensure you are spending the right time with the right people.

Kick-butt Confidence. The Three Characteristics All Confident Leader’s Possess
Florida Atlantic University

As the world continues to turn on its head, many leaders have struggled to pivot to meet the new demands from their employees, teams, and constituents. As the great resignation ensues and new working and business scenarios are created, leaders must step into their new roles with confidence, knowledge, and transparency. Through this presentation, you will learn the three attributes all leaders need to acquire for ultimate success.

A Leader in Every Seat, Developing High Performing Relationships with Internal University Stakeholders
UC San Diego

In this session, colleagues from UC San Diego will authentically share how their diverse work styles are positioned to elevate the relationship between influential leaders (Dean, Department Chairs, Faculty) and Development at the #9 ranked engineering school.

Navigating Challenging Donor Conversations: Sharing Strategies to Engage on Hateful Statements
Iowa State University

If you’ve been in the development profession long enough it’s unfortunately bound to happen. During the course of a conversation with a donor they make a comment that is racist, sexist, homophobic or otherwise hateful in nature. You’re likely caught off guard. How do you react? What can you say or do? What actions and information has your organization shared to empower you to make the right decision for yourself in that moment? While there is not one easy solution to addressing these challenging conversation topics, the focus of our session will be to share some ideas and discuss best practices. During our time together we will talk about some of the steps that we’ve taken at the Iowa State Foundation to empower and equip staff to navigate these difficult situations. We will walk through resources that we’ve developed and ask those attending to come prepared to engage in meaningful conversation. Please join us with an open mind, a genuine willingness and openness to learn from others and to share your own personal experiences.