Table Topics Preview

Advisory Councils – Structure, Fundraising Requirements

Alumni Relations Beyond Events
Many alumni relations programs mainly utilize events to engage alumni. While these are a staple of programming, this table topic will address additional opportunities from social media or other online engagement, continued learning for alumni, volunteer opportunities and more.

Campaign Close / Open Events
Join a discussion of how universities can publicly launch and close a campaign while stewarding donors and engaging the alumni and friends around the community.

Coordinator Roles – Getting on the Road, Setting DOs Up for Success
Coordinators unite! Come to our discussion about your roles, best practices, and tips and tricks. This may involve planning for DoD travel, setting up a DoD for success, keeping up with records and more. 

Corporate Partners

Discovery Calls – Securing Them and Making Them Successful

EDF Board Membership
Interested in joining the EDF Board?  This discussion will review expectations and roles for board members.

EDF Hosting
If you are thinking about, or already signed up to host EDF at your own campus, come hear from former hosts about the activities unique to this responsibility.

Graduate (MS, PhD) Alumni Engagement and Donors
Graduate-level students have a different academic experience and career trajectory than traditional, undergrad-only students. This discussion will share practices and ideas on how to keep them engaged post-graduation.

International Alumni

Millennial Gift Officers
Being a millennial gift officer comes with its own challenges, both in interactions with donors and with faculty. Led by a fellow millennial gift officer, this discussion will focus on overcoming these challenges and turning them into advantages.

Philanthropy for Engineering Entrepreneurs
Entrepreneurship is becoming an ever more popular career option for engineers. This discussion will focus on how to engage entrepreneurs at all levels of their career and manage a relationship beneficial for both alumni and the university.

Prospect Management

Stewardship and Donor Societies

Young Alumni Engagement
Involving alumni as donors and leaders within the first few years of graduation is crucial for their long term engagement. Do you have a great advisory committee for young alumni or program to manage this task? Share ideas with fellow professionals about how you engage alumni and build the pipeline of donors and leaders.

Title TBA
Many development offices work hand-in-hand with our marketing and communications team, and many of our development officers are experts themselves in the field. Come discuss how you work together with teams or manage your own marketing content to drive the message your university wants to share.